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A Social UGC Contest is our name for a promotion or contest that requires the players to enter and then promote their User Generated Content (e.g. photos or videos) on social media. These contests will engage players in an activity that is social, competitive and rewarding.

Your first contest is FREE! In the future, we will charge only for the players that upload content to your future contest. You will be able to set a maximum cost for your contest by setting the contest’s capacity (i.e. the maximum number of players that can upload content to your contest). We will charge your credit card for the future contest based on the number of players that uploaded content to that contest.

We all want your contest to be successful. Marketing helps. But you can over do it, especially if you are broadcasting the messages through social media and/or email. We don’t limit you, but try to keep it to 2 per channel per day so you don’t accidentally overload and upset your customers.
SwagTag will soon allow brands to target their local customers by market. Check back soon!
Brands run SwagTag contests to acquire and engage customers, and drive traffic. You will collect contact information from all players. But, winners will be required to verify their information for you and will understand that you will likely message them after the contest All players will expect you to follow a privacy policy. If you do not have one, please follow SwagTag’s. See Privacy Policy.
We have designed our contest creation process to simplify the set up, minimize the management effort, and maximize your potential results. We will lead you through the creation and management of your contest step-by-step. We have optimized everything from logo size requirements for rendering on different types of smart phones, to the legal documents you will want your players to agree to. Setting up an contest could take minutes, especially your second one! See more in SwagTag’s Handbook.
You will want your players, your biggest brand advocates, to enjoy your contest. To maximize the probability of this occurring, we engineered our contest guidelines based on other successful, time-tested gaming structures. Research suggests that players will expect a certain potential payoff based on the size of a contest and their investment in time, effort and money. Our guidelines simplify this math for you based on your budgeted contest size and type. Our guidelines suggest the minimum payoffs required (number and value of prizes) based on typical player expectations. See more in SwagTag’s Handbook.
If your contest reaches its capacity it will continue with its current players battling for your prizes, however, no more players will be able to upload content to your contest. If a player tries, they will receive a message indicating the contest is full, and they will be encouraged to look for your next contest.
Offer prizes that are exciting but that are also easy to fulfill. This will make the winners (your most vocal brand advocates) happy and reduce your headaches. The majority of your prizes could be gift cards or coupons that drive traffic to your sites. These minimize your fulfillment costs (e.g. no shipping costs!) while maximizing your customers’ excitement (e.g. They can pick the correct size and color for the Swag!). Grand prizes should be more involved, but there is only one of those for each contest.
Yes, minors may play in your contest if you allow it. They will know that they must have the consent of their legal guardian (based on the contest rules) which will be checked prior to them winning a prize. This will be facilitated by our software.
Your budget, the strength of your brand in your market and the activity you generate in your social channels will help determine your contest size. You will need to offer killer prizes and market your contest using FREE SwagTag tools and through your regular media for it to be successful. But remember, it’s always better to turn people away at the door of a contest than have a bunch of empty seats. So set a reasonable capacity for your first contest. Still wondering where to start? Try a number like 50% to 75% of your PTAT number (People Talking About This) from your Facebook page. Adjust according to budget. Don’t worry, your first contest is FREE from SwagTag to help you calibrate the sizes of future contest.
SwagTag is a mobile app dedicated to building awareness of, and engagement in your contest. Your contest will be publicized to our audience. Our FREE software will also simplify your (and your customers’) efforts related to spreading the word about your contest to social networks. Our website embed and Facebook tab software are a FREE way for you to add content to your sites. And our FREE social tools will also help you choose and schedule what type of player content gets pushed to your channels and when, which should increase the social activity around your contest and brand without adding clutter. See more in SwagTag’s Handbook.
Winners of your contest will need to be residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. However, we will not be able to stop players who live in other countries from following or uploading content to your contest.
We will help you with everything except the packaging and shipping of your prizes. Our software will facilitate: 1) verification of the content; 2) selection of potential winners; 3) verification of identity, age, address, and content ownership of each winner; 4) collection of additional information; 5) fulfillment of legal agreements; 6) collection of tax information; 7) verification and collection of information on legal guardians if your contest allows minors; 8) fulfillment of legal agreements for guardians; 9) creation of an electronic file holding names and contact information for each player grouped by place/prize.
We take the success of your contest seriously. We have developed an analytics program to help you define, measure and calculate your success in a simple, illustrative format. Our software calculates the return on your investment based on a number of measures, without you having to do the math.

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