Danny Beckett JR

Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer

Duncan Robins

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Like many things, SwagTag was started by a friendly Midwestern gorilla and a wise mountain unicorn who came together to solve a problem. While on an angry walk through the deep forest to let off some steam and discuss how they might help turn around some of the brands they were working with, Co-Founders Danny Beckett Jr and Duncan Robins ended up sharing a deep frustration for contests and how they were run. Contests? Yeah, nothing too fancy or high tech, but still something.

People, (both users and brands) have been complaining about contests for years. For the users, it’s the apps, creativity, fragmentation, ease of use, Facebook, and those damn “Enter your email and win”. For the brands, it’s the process, the apps, the technology, the legal & rules, the details & fragmentation, and the fact that…no one even cares. By the end of the walk, Danny and Duncan were convinced that the contest experience sucked and they could build something better.

So, where to begin? We started with the users. What do they actually want: simple, easy to use, convenient, fun, free stuff, and make it easy to win and participate. Makes sense, right? Ok, so let’s build a contest platform that is mobile first and fun and easy to win free stuff from the brands they love. Done. Magic. Now, what do brands want? An easy to use platform that plugs into all their current marketing tools and apps. And make it easy to publish contests in minutes without the help of legal, accounting, or IT. Ok, let’s build a dashboard that allows them to craft and manage their contests with ease, automate content, review analytics and reports, and repeat what works. Done. And, only pay for results.

As we look to the future, we’re dedicated to creating products and features that empower our customers to grow. Get ready. Contests are about to get a whole lot cooler.


We will embrace conflict, resist the urge to control, and not listen to opinion leaders. Our focus and passions are on our product, features, people, and customers.


SwagTag’s growing team is built to scale along with new customers signing up every day. We’re a fully distrubuted team, which means that we design and build product, fix bugs and reply to your questions from all over the world!

We beleive that family and lifestyle are what ultimately make you happy. We started the company with these beleifs and we will live by them each and every day. We invest in great design, engineering, marketing, reseach, and customer support.


We are a people first organization. We help our team members grow in their current roles and think about what’s next. We encourage our team to attend events, network, build community, take time off to learn new things, and ultimately share their stories.


Together with our community of users we are building something truly unique and special. We will never forget this.


We’re always looking for smart, creative people to join our distributed team. We have opportunties and career paths of all shapes and sizes.


JJust do it already, geez it’s FREE and only takes 15-20 minutes. Who knows, it could change your life.